Hi.  Thanks for dropping by my brand new blog.  Hopefully I will shortly be filling in this space with a variety of thoughts on my experiences as I work towards completing my MSc in Information and Library Studies.  I’m sure it will be a rocky ride (the first year has certainly had some ups and downs), but hopefully this blog wil act as a vital crutch as I find my way through the crazy world of libraries.


2 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Hello
    I reckon I’m more of a wannabe than you as you are already living the dream;-)
    I’ve added you to my blogroll and have subscribed to your feeds.
    I’ve done all my taught modules and am currently languishing in dissertation hell whilse applying for jobs. Hard ruddy work!
    I’ve just put my Connotea bibliography on my blog so that might be helpful for you; my delicious bookmarks may also be of use. No point in reinventing the wheel! Keep in touch and let me know if I can help.

  2. Hi there. Thanks for adding my blog to your blogroll. I will be sure to add your feed as well. Not sure I am living the dream just yet, hopefully soon! 🙂

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