Web 2.0 and the Library

One of things that has really interested me since starting my course all those months ago, is the use of the wide variety of Web 2.0 tools to develop the library service.  As you can see from my sidebar, I have a number of profiles with various social networking sites including Flickr, LibraryThing and Last.fm(I also have a Facebook account, but that is for another post).  Of all these sites, the one that has interested me most of late is, of course, LibraryThing.

I am always eager to identify opportunities to utilise the internet for the good of the library service, and LibraryThing certainly seems to have the potential to add an extra dimension to the library service.  This is particularly true in the case of LibraryThing LocalLibraryThing Local, in case you didn’t know, is a database of libraries, bookshops, book fairs etc in your local area.  By adding your library to the database and obtaining administrative rights, you suddenly have a page to connect with users.  You can add events, information about the library, people can ‘favourite’ your library and comments to a comment wall.  This all sounds fantastic, but I wonder how useful it is to actually have a profile on LibraryThing local.  Although it seems to be a fairly popular site, even the most famous libraries have very few ‘fans’.  So, is it an interesting gimmick or a useful tool to develop the service?  At this stage, I reserve my judgement.  I have had a chance to add a couple of libraries to the database, and I will wait and see what develops.  Meanwhile, I would be interested to hear any views from anyone who has used this tool to promote their library service.  I am willing to experiment with sites such as this, but I wonder how valuable it really is.


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