A Welcome Break

Studies have taken a bit of a backseat for the moment while I enjoy the brief respite of two weeks holiday in Spain.  After the terrible summer in England, a bit of sun is no bad thing!  One of the many good aspects of taking a break from studies, is the ability to read something other than books on library theory.  Not that there is anything wrong with that you understand, it’s just sometimes you long to read something that does not refer to Dewey numbers or reference sources.  So I have been enjoying the chance to catch up on some reading, including, shock horror, a work of fiction (click on my LibraryThing link and you will see I tend towards the factual) – The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall.  A strange little book, I have a feeling it will become one of those cult classic things.

Anyway, whilst I am here, I intend to check out the local library (even when I am on holiday….) and see what it has to offer.  Depressingly, it appears to be as underused as library services back home as my wife (who has lived here almost her entire life) couldn’t actually tell me where it is.  The only other library that I have ever visited outside the UK was the Royal Danish Library in Copenhagen a couple of years ago.  Sadly, I suspect the library here will not be as visually striking.  Still, we can but hope.


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