A Bit of a Setback

Well, the path towards a librarian post has suffered a slight setback  I haven’t been posting much in the past few days (actually, I haven’t been posting at all!) as I have been busy preparing for a job interview at work for an Information Librarian.  Sadly, although I was shortlisted, I didn’t get the job.  I had a feeling that this would be the case as the post was several grades higher than my current post and I am still relatively inexperienced.  However, I will take the feedback from the interview and do what I can to address any shortcomings.  Bit of a bummer, but who said the path to librarianship was easy?


4 thoughts on “A Bit of a Setback

  1. Never mind Ian, it’s great that you were shortlisted and got the experience of an interview anyway.

    Bizarrely, I too am preparing for an interview – I’ve applied for a librarian job at my workplace and have an interview on Monday. I’ve been given a really interesting topic to present on so although that’s generally a good thing, it’s going to be difficult to keep it to only ten minutes with all the interesting stuff I’ve found!

  2. Yeah, I was pretty chuffed with the fact I was shortlisted, especially as there were forty-odd applicants – many with more experience than myself.

    Good luck with the interview on Monday. I’ll have my fingers crossed!

  3. Shame you didn’t get the job, but I’m sure something else will come along soon. Not bad if you were shortlisted out of 40 applicants, well done!

  4. Cheers John. Hopefully something should turn up. It’s a growing department so maybe another job will come up in the not too distant future.

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