Google Chrome

I have been trying to get into the habit of using Google Chrome over the past few weeks to see how it stands up to Internet Explorer and FireFox.  Although it seemed a bit odd at first (the toolbar is much smaller than Internet Explorer (which I am using at the moment funnily enough), it does have some useful features that I quite like.  Firstly, I quite like the way it presents your most visited websites.  When logging onto Chrome for the first time you are presented with a screen similar to this one:

The visual representations make it easy to see your favourite sites at a glance and by simply clicking on one of the pictures, you are taken straight to the site you want to visit.  It’s quite a nice touch and makes it easy to access your favourite sites from the moment you launch your browser software.

One other feature I quite like about Chrome is the ease of searching the website that you are on.  Just by clicking on a menu option you are provided with a little box in which to input your search terms.  As you type in your term, the page highlights whatever you have typed so far on the page.  So, when you type in ‘library’ all the items on the page are highlighted (see below).


I find this website search tool much more efficient than other methods I have used before to find certain search terms on a website.  As it looks for the terms in real-time, you can see the terms on the page quickly and efficiently – very useful when you are hunting through a particularly long page.

So, in short, so far so good.  There are some little oddities (like the small toolbar and the lack of a ‘home’ link in the browser window) but overall I find Google Chrome to be quite a useful browser.  Having said that, I am still typing this whilst using IE!  It  might just be a hard habit to break, but when I do it will certainly be worth it!


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