I always hate that spell between sending off my coursework and receiving my marks.  For some reason I just cannot get closure.  I spend the weeks and, in this case, months, worrying about whether I did enough to get a pass on my last assignment.  Until I get those marks, everything I read seems to enter through my eyes before getting lost somewhere in my head.  Of course, what doesn’t help is studying information retrieval whilst you are waiting!  There is a module guaranteed to make your head spin!

Anyway, I am writing this because, finally, I have received my marks for the Sources and Services module.  Closure at last!  Thankfully, after all my fretting, I received good marks (better than I expected) so I can finally put the module behind me and concentrate on the next batch of assignments.  If only it wasn’t Information Retrieval……


3 thoughts on “Closure

  1. Well done. I can’t say I envy you studying Information Retrieval though-I found that a very dry subject not greatly enhanced by 3 hour seminars on Cataloguing and Classification every Friday morning! (back in the Dark Ages mind you)

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