Google Introduces Customised Searching

Another day, another Google innovation.  Those people at Google have now introduced a tool that allows users to customise their search results.  At the moment only those with a Google account can actually take advantage of the new search engine, but it is an interesting step in the evolution of Google.  This new tool enables users to move search results up and down the rankings to suit their own needs.  Once results have been moved, when the user next conducts a search using the same terms, the results will be ranked as previously stipulated.  It will also enable logged in users to write comments next to web links which would then be displayed to other users.

The potential for this tool is huge.  Search results have the potential to be far more relevant to the user than they are at the moment.  By ensuring that search results are customisable, it also ensures that users can relevance rank according to their own individual needs, rather than simply accept the processes of Google’s search engine.  Greg Sterling of, hints at the possibilities:

“Lots of people have tried so-called ‘social search’, combining algorithmic search with human editorial input, because the perception is that humans have the ability to craft a better result in any given situation because they can make distinctions machines can’t.

“So this could be quite dramatic if they get a lot of people participating because it could improve the algorithms of the process and serve up better search results.”

It will be interesting to see how Google’s latest venture catches on over the coming months.  Could this be the future of internet searches¹?

¹ Have you used the new customisable search engine by Google?  If so, what are your thoughts?


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