Happy New Year

I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone who has taken the time to read my humble little blog a happy new year and best wishes for 2009.   The coming year looks to be very exciting for all those who work in libraries and the information world.  Could we see 2009 as the year of the e-book?  Will the UK finally speed up the delivery of fibre-optic broadband networks?  What will be the big internet success story of the coming year?  Will public libraries prosper during the economic slowdown?  Will I finally get on top of my studies?  I think I probably already know the answer to the last one!

Hope you all have a peaceful and successful 2009.


3 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. and Happy New Year from me too. Hopefully 2009 will be New Year, new beginnings, for all of us (and not Old Year, same old….)

  2. Jo – Yeah it will certainly be exciting…2009 is going to see a massive change in my life. I can’t wait!

    Chris – No, I think this year will be a year of new beginnings. Well, I hope so anyway!

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