2009 – The Year of the Ebook

Interesting article on Gutenberg.com about ebooks.  Entitled ‘20 Reasons Why 2009 Will Be The Year of the Ebook‘, the article provides convincing reasons for 2009 being the long-awaited breakthrough for ebooks.  Of all the points that Chris Andrews raises, the one I most strongly agree with is Reason No 16:


There are existing devices that do not have the current digital ink technology, but can instantly offer their customers access to books. Though the readability may be an issue, this still serves a purpose of exposing millions of people to the concept of reading ebooks.

I quite agree.  Whilst the iPhone and the DS aren’t exactly high quality readers, they will provide that vital breakthrough to get people used to the idea of ebooks.  The sales of book software on these machines has already gone through the roof.  It won’t be long before those that become comfortable with the idea start to look around for a dedicated reader.  It could just be that the iPhone and the DS will play a major role in the future of ebooks.  Who would have thought that just six months ago?


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