Airplanes and Ebooks

Well there I was, sitting on a flight to Seville when I thought “Hey, let’s dig out that Sony Reader and get people interested” (not showing off – I was categorically not showing off!).  So I get it out and have a read, all is well.  Notice a few funny looks, maybe someone might be encouraged to buy on.  Well, if they were they weren’t convinced for long….

After having a little read I thought I’d have a look at some photos I had uploaded on there.  I hadn’t had a proper chance to have a look when I first uploaded them, so I thought I would have a look now.  Big mistake.  I selected a photo and waited for the pixelisation to clear.  And waited.  And waited.  Before the screen went blank and wouldn’t come back on again.  Very odd, especially as the battery was 3/4 full when I put the picture on and the battery should last for around five reads of War and Peace .  This certainly wasn’t going to convince anyone and I could feel the smug eyes burning in the back of my head (well, to the side really, behind me was the rear of my seat).  I frantically played with the on switch.  Then I left it. Then I switched it on again.  Nothing.  Zip.  Nada.  Zilcho.  Resigned to returning my beloved gizmo and getting a replacement/refund, I plunged it in my bag and hoped that maybe if I plugged it in to the computer at my in-laws’ house, it might just work again.

Luckily, having plugged it in, it worked fine (huge relief).  Must have been a little gremlin in the works.  Hopefully it won’t return soon, otherwise even I might question the value of e-books (yes, even I).  And to all those who saw me on the flight to Seville from Gatwick this morning – it works fine and don’t let my Reader’s little hissy fit put you off.  Unless it happens repeatedly.  That may be a different story.


3 thoughts on “Airplanes and Ebooks

  1. Oops! I won’t be rushing out to buy one myself just yet then!

    Are you SURE it wasn’t interfering with Air Traffic Control?! If I hear of any planes disappearing somewhere over the Bay of Biscay, I’ll know the reason why!

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  3. No, I’m sure it was ok. Although every time I ‘turned a page’ the plane seemed to drop a few hundred feet! Seriously though, I think it was just a small blip. Let’s face it, everything electrical has a funny turn from time to time. Everything from my digital camera to my Freesat box does funny little things that can’t be explained. If it becomes consistent that will be a different matter. Rest assured, if it does, I will share it here!

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