Time To Up The Pace

Well, here I am, the wrong side of Christmas and the realisation hits me that I need to up my pace pretty radically.  I have been working on the same module since the middle of September and it feels like I am never going to get it finished.  Although I have pretty much maintained the same pace as last year, it is really not fast enough.  To attend the study school in April I needed to complete three modules (only needed to get two done last year) and I haven’t even done two yet.  This further complicated by the fact that I am going to be a father in April, so I won’t be going to the study school in April anyway.  Unfortunately, this has had the psychological impact of making me think I have more time than I really have and meaning I have taken my foot off the peddle a bit. Problem is I need to get those three modules done by June if I am to go to study school in September, which is an absolute necessity.  With a baby due in April, the next few months are going to be very stressful.

But I guess I am not alone and, so long as I spend as much time as possible on my studies, I should be ok.  The main problem is the fact that I have ‘the fear’.  The fear of sending off those assignments when they aren’t quite right yet.  The fear of sending off those assignments and failing.  The fear that I will be found out.  The fear that I am not really cut out for this librarian malarky.  But I guess the fear is just that.  Fear.  Sometimes you need to bite the bullet, face down your fears and get those assignments sent off.  I mean, they can’t really be that bad, can they?


Anyways, here’s a little ditty on Web 2.0 and the iPhone.  Enjoy.



2 thoughts on “Time To Up The Pace

  1. Going to be a father in April, and a baby due in June?? That’s impressive…

    Good luck with the assignments. Am a year behind you at Aber and just wrapping up the second module to qualify for study school…but of course I originally intended to have done three.

    Actually having a baby could work well. Your wife/partner will be fully occupied and you are likely to be fairly home based for a while. As a veteran parent I would suggest that life gets far more complicated once the kids learn to move around and then say the word “no”…it’s all downhill from there!

    Good luck with the baby and the assignments.

  2. Ooops, good point there. I meant April of course!

    I was much the same in the first year. I had big plans about getting three modules done before study school, but when the time came I squeezed in the second module just as the final deadline was approaching! Looks like this year will be no different!

    And yes, I guess the first couple of months won’t be so bad. I suppose, as you say, it will be more difficult once they get a little older.

    Good luck to you too and enjoy the study school…I always find them a valuable way of gauging your progress and discovering that everyone is pretty much in the same boat.

    [Oh, I stealth edited my error, thanks for pointing it out!]

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