Is this the new Kindle?

The New Amazon Kindle?

The New Amazon Kindle?

Rumour has it that this is the new Amazon Kindle, the follow-up to their first E-book reader (that has still not yet been released in the UK).  The photos were leaked on a mobilereads forum yesterday.  According to the source of the leak, the reader is set to cost $359 (around £250) and is due for a US release on 24th February.  Should this make it onto the market over here, the ebook market could get very interesting indeed.


2 thoughts on “Is this the new Kindle?

  1. No, more expensive than the Sony Reader which is interesting. Think the price may need to be a little more competitive to succeed. Although I suspect that come the time it hits the UK market it may well drop slightly in price – particularly due to the economic situation. They’re probably not going to shift that many units at £250 when the Sony version is under £200. I think as the consoles have proven, the sub-£200 mark is key for sales.

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