Diigo and Delicious

After seeing a lot of stuff about Diigo floating around in the ether, I thought I should sign up and give it a try (as I do with these web 2.0 tools!).  So far I have been reasonably happy with it, although it does seem to lack some functionality that I rather like on Delicious (I have still kept my Delicious account running whilst I play with Diigo).  For example, Diigo doesn’t suggest tags like Delicious does (at least as far as I can fathom).  When I tag a page on Delicious, not only does it offer recommended tags (both from other users applied tags and my own), it will also predict what tag I am adding as I type it.  This makes my life much easier as it keeps my tags neatly organised.  With Delicious I can start typing in a tag and see instantly if this is a tag I would normally use (Delicious informs you how many times that tag has been used).  Without this functionality, I find myself staring blankly at the screen trying to work out what tags I would normally apply to an item.

Despite this minor flaw, Diigo definitely has one advantage over Delicious: the ability to highlight text on a web page.  Many a time I have bookmarked a site due to a small passage on the page.  The beauty of Diigo is that you can highlight the relevant passage for future relevance instead of having to scour the entire page at a later date, desperately trying to remember why you bookmarked the page in the first place.  This is certainly a massive advantage over Delicious and one that has made Diigo a resource worthy of further investigation.

For now, I will reserve my judgement until I have had more time to play around with it.  It certainly seems a useful tool, but to me it lacks Delicious’ simplicity (which may be a strength for many).  Maybe in time I will ditch Delicious in favour of Diigo.  At the moment I’m not so sure.


4 thoughts on “Diigo and Delicious

  1. I have mixed feelings too – Diigo did seem to offer me suggested tags, but the option to save to Delicious didn’t seem to be work; stuff I tried to save 12 hours ago hasn’t transferred to Delicious. Not sure I can see the point if I have to save things manually to both – still perhaps it’s too early to make judgements.

  2. Hi,
    I’ve also worked in libraries, so I follow your blog. I joined Delicious, after realising I needed to have my bookmarks saved in some way or another (and I wondered what on earth everybody else was discussing!), but I did not know about Diigo until I read your blog post. I’ve found your blog post quite useful and will have a look at Diigo myself now. I also think that your Public Library Debate blog post is very interesting Thanks!

  3. Navjot – Glad to hear that my blog post was useful! Always good to hear some positive feedback. Wonder if Diigo will pay me commission??!! And thank you also for your comments regarding the public library debate…the comments that followed that post certainly made interesting reading for me as it good to see such passionate debate about the future of public libraries.

  4. Is Diigo now offering you suggested/predicted tags, as it does me? And now that the glitch over updating to Delicious has sorted itself out, I am actually quite impressed with Diigo.

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