Music in Public Libraries

Seems like there has been a bit of controversy over the revelation that Gloucestershire county council has started piping music in four of their public libraries.  Whilst I am all for finding new ways to attract people into our public libraries, I am not so sure this is such a great idea.  Unlike some, I have no problem with people talking in libraries (I am always dismayed by the repeated stereotypical image of the ‘shushing librarian’) and I quite enjoy hearing people discussing the day’s news whilst reading the papers or talking about interesting books they have read.  I do think, however, that this may well be a step to far.  I’m not sure that this will really work as music tends to be quite divisive (there will be those appalled by the idea of the Sugababes broadcast throughout the library, whilst others will enjoy it).  Having said that, it would be interesting to see what the people of Gloucester make of it.  If it proves to be popular, maybe it is worth trying across the country.

Anyway, all of this gives me a chance to experiment with a little tool I found via Twitter.  Called twtpoll, it allows Twitter users to create a smart little poll with a few neat features.  Having been itching it actually put it to use, I thought this would be a good opportunity to test it out (a Twitter account is not required to take part):

twtpoll :: Should piped music be introduced to public libraries?

The poll closes tomorrow when I will post the results.


POLL RESULTS: 27% YES (4 votes)

73% NO  (11 votes)


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