Ebooks at Borders

Good news for UK ebook readers, Borders has now started selling ebooks bringing some much needed competition.  Until now, there have been only two retailers in the UK supplying ebooks: WHSmith and Waterstones (WHSmiths being the cheaper and more accessible option).  The introduction of ebooks on the Borders website could be good news indeed.

Ebook page on Borders website

Ebook page on Borders website

At first sight, the website looks far easier to navigate than the Waterstones website (which I find particularly badly designed).  For example, when clicking on one of the categories on the Waterstones website, you are presented with a list of books, but the categories disappear.  On the Borders website, however, the categories are permanently fixed in the sidebar, making navigation far easier.  So far, so impressed.  The deal clincher will, of course, be competitive pricing (something that has been alien to ebooks so far).  This is something I am sure to look into a little closer over the coming days, so expect a blog post comparing the three main retailers of ebooks on value for money in the near future.


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