The Diversions of Life

I’ve not been able to post on here quite as frequently as I would have liked for the past few weeks.  The birth of my daughter has meant that my time has been squeezed in all manner of ways.  Unfortunately, my daughter had to be delivered by caesarian section and, consequently, my wife was made to rest for six weeks whilst she recovered from the operation.  Obviously, this meant that I needed to up my share of the daily chores to allow my wife to get the necessary recuperation time. 

As well as impacting on my social time (which isn’t really that important in the grand scheme of things), it has hsad a massive impact on my studies.  I knew a while back that the baby was due in April, so I should have been well prepared for the impact that would have on my life and studies.  Sadly, I underestimated by quite some way.  I foolishly believed that I could take a couple of weeks out to spend time with my family, before burrowing my head back in the books and cracking on with my studying.  What an idiot.

It is now around eight weeks since the birth of our lovely little girl, and still I am struggling.  The first six weeks were obviously a write-off (for the reasons outlined above), but the past couple of weeks have been tricky too.  I don’t think it helps that my current module (Research in the Profession) is particularly heavy going.  I have been reading core texts,  journal articles and the module pack time and time again and, for whatever reason, it is getting very difficult to make the information stick.  Every time I feel like I have had a eureka moment, I realise that there was something else I misunderstood.  To be honest, it is easy to see why I have been struggling.  Let’s face it what would you rather do?  Spend some time with your newborn child, or read up on qualitative and quantitative research?  Bit of a no-brainer, don’t you think?

And yet, study I must.  I desperately want to complete the course so that I can delete the square brackets from the blog’s title.  This means that I have to get some focus and get on with the outstanding assignments.  The sooner I can get the modules done, the sooner I can spend quality time with my daughter.  It seems so easy when you write it down.  Get focusComplete assignments. Simples (as that irritating meerkat advert might say).  Maybe it is that easy.  I’ll let you know after the week-end.


4 thoughts on “The Diversions of Life

  1. Don’t worry Ian, you’ll get there. It’ll all click into place one day and you’ll race through the rest of the modules. In the meantime, don’t force yourself to study if you’re not in the right mindset, just enjoy precious time with your daughter.

    I’m struggling to get the motivation for the final push, really want to get into my dissertation and finish the MSc but just don’t know what to research. 😦

  2. It gets better – trust me! Louise had a cesarean and I felt the same way as you did when Matthew was the same age. I’ve slowly began getting back into the swing of it since then, as Louise has got better and I’ve fitted the new chores into my routine! The next challenge for us is when Louise goes back to work on July 20th…

  3. Thanks for the words of support. Things are hard at the moment, but I’m sure they will get easier.

    RickB – Cheers for that me old China! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods? Haven’t visited your place for some time. Must catch up sooner or later. Feel like I am being very neglectful. Still got plenty to say though…..just not writing it down!

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