Getting Back on the Horse

Studying has been a little tricky of late (and blogging for that matter) due to a number of factors however, I am really determined now to up the pace and get back on course.  My progress wasn’t helped by my desktop packing up and deciding it had had enough.  This put a real crimp on my studies especially as I hadn’t backed up my data for a little while (a cardinal sin I know).  Although we have a laptop, this is not ideal as typing for long periods can be very uncomfortable (I have actually had to invest in some wrist supports for my newly repaired desktop as I have been feeling a little pain in my wrists – hopefully it will fade….).  However, the lack of a desktop did highlight one utility I had hitherto overlooked – cloud computing.  I will certainly look into using Google Docs a lot more often in the future (as well as instigating a cast iron back-up routine using my external hard drive), and I would certainly recommend it anyone that hasn’t used it (although I have some reservations).

Anyway, as well as increasing the pace on my studies, I will be aiming to blog a little more often than I have been recently.  Scrub that, I will be blogging more regularly.  There is certainly plenty of interestto discuss at the moment. Conservative policy towards libraries, the recent comments by James Murdoch about BBC and what his intentions mean for the information society not to mention the recent price reduction of the Sony Reader and Sony’s announcement of new models.  With all that to mull over, I should have plenty to blog about!


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