Social Networking in Libraries

Those of you that follow me on Twitter will know that I recently delivered a presentation on how social networking can be used in libraries to promote the service.  I passionately believe that libraries need to look at new ways to communicate with members of the community who either think the library is irrelevant to them or those that only make limited use of the service.  There are a number of tools out there that we could and should use to connect us to the people that matter.  Unless new, innovative marketing techniques are utilised, the library service will struggle to appear relevant in a digital age.

Anyway, I have heard a lot about SlideShare in the past, so I thought I would take the opportunity to give it a try and share my presentation (I’ve embedded it below).  I also thought it would be worth experimenting with sharing on both Flickr and YouTube too to see how they would work as presentation sharing tools (obviously both are rather more clumsy than SlideShare which is, after all, a dedicated tool for sharing presentations).  Anyway, I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this topic.  Why should social networking be used by libraries?  Or should it be used at all?  Is it merely a distraction?  Would like to hear people’s reactions to this topic.


4 thoughts on “Social Networking in Libraries

  1. of course libraries should use it as long as they have a plan for how it will benefit their library long-term. They also need to have a social networking policy in place as well as adequate training for their staff.

  2. Phil – That seems to sum it up quite nicely!
    AnnaLaura – I agree….they should definitely use it, but ensure they plan effectively.

  3. Of course public libraries should take part in social networking. They are a long way behind school libraries if they don’t. Pupils come out of school libraries expecting to go to public libraries and find the same things that we offer via VLE’s, etc. If you had Facebook pages, for instance, we could introduce our pupils to public libraries that way, and maybe the public libraries would get more young people coming in, introduced through their school libraries. I would be happy to promote my public library, and do show them the online catalogue system, but that is boring for them – Facebook would be so much better!

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