Christmas or Study?

Probably not a difficult choice to make, but at this time of year it does seem like it is almost impossible to balance the two things and yet have an enjoyable Christmas.  But I guess it is excusable to take your foot off the pedal a little bit over the festive period.  It would be a pretty sorry state of affairs if you had to forego the Xmas build-up to work on an assignment.  Although having said that, it is probably less stressful than dealing with the hordes on the High Street.

The past year has certainly been a struggle.  Adapting to parenthood whilst trying to keep up with my studies and work full-time has been tricky.  I know from threads on various forums that there are plenty of others in the same boat, but it can still seem a struggle.  Time is of a premium and suddenly you realise that every spare moment is an opportunity to read a few pages, jot down a few notes, search for some articles……The only thing is it takes so damn long to realise it.  You think that just a little bit here and there on days off will help, but then you realise you want to spend your days off with your offspring as you are at work most of the time.  It’s at this point you realise that you need to use your ‘spare’ time wisely and effectively.  If not, you can easily slip behind.

I had a spell a little while back when I thought I was never going to make any progress.  I think it was just after completing the Information Retrieval module.  Although I received encouraging marks, it seemed like some of the motivation had ebbed away. This wasn’t helped by not attending a study school for some time. Missing a study school sure makes you appreciate that extra boost they can give you. It’s the one chance you get to really talk to other students and discover that you are not actually as far behind as you feared.  And that is always a good thing to discover!

Anyway, things are moving on now. The Collection Management module is in the bag (although heaven knows what mark I will get!), and Research in the Profession is almost complete.  Suddenly thoughts are turning to the dissertation and the next study school and there is a sense of relief that I have made it through a difficult stage in my studies to a better place.  I am even thinking that I can look forward to this Xmas without having to worry about being behind on assignments and sitting in front of a computer screen on Boxing Day, frantically typing away.  Happy days.

As for Xmas itself, I am really looking forward to getting hold of my new toy. We decided this year to cut down on spending on each other and focus buying presents for our daughter (seems harsh not to!).  So this year we have bought a Kodak Zi8 HD pocket video camera to share between ourselves.  The reviews look pretty good, so I look forward to messing around with it and making full use of my YouTube account (which has only been used sporadically up until now).  I’ll have to try to write a post about it once I have had a chance to play….but then I have said that before and not bothered!  I’ll try to make a bit more effort this time.


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