Library Day in the Life Round 5

Well, on Tuesday I actually only work for half a day as I am not currently in a full-time position (I work 33hrs a week).  This suits me as it gives me some time during the week to catch up on my studying.  My task today was mainly to go through our e-journals and make sure that what we said was available to students was available…basically updating our information on our e-journal subscriptions.  I also needed to go through our list of journals and activate links to journals where we have subscriptions but don’t currently have a link from our e-library.  Whilst going through the spreadsheet I get to use pretty colours to indicate various changes that have or need to be made (we like pretty colours on spreadsheets!).  I’m taking a lot of pride over this job at the moment as I have set myself the goal of getting all of our subscription up-to-date by the time the new intake start in September.  A tough task, but I’m up for a challenge!

Whilst working on this I also had to keep an eye out for any student queries regarding access to our e-resources.  Today was actually a bit of a quite day as we didn’t have a single query.  The past couple of days we have had quite a few students emailing in to ask for our help for various things which keeps you on your toes.  I’m looking forward to September/October as I am told we will be inundated with queries from new students wanting to access the library’s resources.  Having worked in more customer facing roles, I like being able to keep that kind of interaction.  And it’s always good to help people access resources :).

I now have a couple of days leave which I intend on using to catch up on my studies.  The aim is to get all my option module assignments complete in the next two weeks.  Although I’m not actually in the library tomorrow, I understand that I can still contribute to the ‘Library Day in the Life’ project… I hope to share my study days with you too.  Although I guess that depends on how my studies go!

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