Library Day in the Life Round 5

Well, guess I should have written this yesterday…epic fail on my part! I promised myself I would make the effort to blog at the end of each day, but it’s not really happened has it?! So, here goes my two days of ‘Day in the life…’ in one tasty hit!

I had actually taken the past two days off as leave as I have been finding it a struggle of late to keep on top of my studies (what with a little girl to think of now!) and I thought these two days would be a good opportunity to catch up. That was the plan. Of course, it didn’t quite work out like that.

Day one (Wednesday) actually went quite well. I worked through my latest draft of my assignment and tidied up a few loose ends. My assignment is a hypothetical report on the creation of a digital collection. I chose to do this on a collection of photos that were held at my former place of work. I decided to look at two options for the collection: a social network (Flickr) and one that is embedded on a library website. This is an area that I find quite interesting, so you’d expect me to have completed it weeks ago….all I’ll say is there are a lot of distractions out there. More than I’d initially appreciated.

My little study space......

Anyway, like I said, Day 1 went well….lots of reading about copyright, lots of scribbled notes and lots of grammar corrections (*yawn*). Day 2 was a different story, characterised by drowsiness and a generally feeling of not very well-ed-ness (is that a word? It is now!). Yes, my throat decided that a good time to cause me grief was when I had taken leave to catch up on my studies…nice work throat. So most of Day 2 was spent gazing at a computer screen as it shifted in and out of focus….little was achieved.  But then things perked up a little…..

First, via the wonder of Twitter (yes it is a wonder all ye non-believers), I discovered that my article (the one I don’t like to talk about) was mentioned in the recent edition of CILIP’s Library and Information Update….and quite complementary it was too.  Quite a nice way to lift those sore throat blues!  But that wasn’t all, no siree, not by a long shot (well, a medium length type shot anyway).  I’d also discovered that a photo I had taken of the area in which my old library was situated (that seems an awfully long winded way to avoid saying where I worked!), and which I had suggested be blown up to fill a particularly barren spot opposite the entrance, had in fact been blown up and was now placed in the barren space opposite the entrance (*deep breath”).  I could have put that better, but quite frankly it wasn’t worth the effort!

Anyway, although I achieved little study-wise, it wasn’t a bad two days for me personally.  I have another two days for study next week, in a way I am hoping that they are rather more mundane as that will mean I have done the assignments I was meant to have done.  Although, a little excitement won’t go amiss……

The banner taken from my original photo (c/o cjdhall on Flickr)


One thought on “Library Day in the Life Round 5

  1. Hope you feel better soon. Would love to you know you decide on your theoretical digital collection. I love the Flickr Commons project, but no one solution is for all institutions.

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