Another One Breaks Free….

Pleased to see that The Guardian has published another CiF about libraries, this time by Lauren Smith (@walkyouhome).  Lauren writes:

The effect this [cuts to library services] would have on the town is huge, especially given the cancelled school development funding. Many use libraries to access the internet (almost a third of the population don’t have access at home), which even David Cameron acknowledges as essential. People in Doncaster use libraries for many reasons: to find jobs; learn ICT skills; read the news; borrow books; study; find health information; improve their literacy; and to meet people in their community. This is incredible considering the condition of the service. It is not too much of a jump to predict that with the following cuts, literacy levels will fall, unemployment will increase, health and wellbeing levels will drop and social breakdown will be more apparent.

I could not agree more Lauren.  Libraries are crucial and yet seem to be an easy target for the government and local councils.  Articles like this go a long way to getting the message out there that libraries do matter and are important for our communities and society as a whole.  I hope Lauren’s success (alongside my own) will encourage others to get writing and send articles into The Guardian CiF pages.  As I’ve said before, it is crucial for us to dominate the narrative, not them.

* There is also a Facebook group which you can join to show your support for Doncaster Libraries here.


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