Something to mull over…..

“Perhaps not surprisingly, given the array of impacts of the traditional concept of public libraries, some have suggested that Internet access, training, and services run contrary to the missions of public libraries. Critics — both in the popular media and in library research — have attacked libraries’ perceived confusion of purpose and rush toward the Internet, which is seen as entertainment, and away from books, which is viewed as a more pure service to communities (Baker, 1996, 2001; Brown and Duguid, 2002; Buschman, 2003; Tisdale, 1997). However, as the data collected over the past decade and a half by the Public Libraries and the Internet surveys have demonstrated, patrons and communities have embraced the Internet–related aspects of library services as essential contributions of the library.”

From Public libraries and the Internet 2008-2009 by Bertot, Jaeger, McClure, Wright and Jensen. First Monday, Vol. 14, No. 11, 2nd November 2009.

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