Two down, dissertation to go…..

Now the work really starts.....

Yep, finally, at long last I have completed my two option modules (Digital Discovery and Marketing of Services) and they are printed out sitting in envelopes waiting to be sent off.  It has been so long since I last sent any assignments off that I had almost forgotten how good it feels.  And it does feel good.  These option modules seem to have been loitering around on my desk for some time now….perhaps because I have been nervous about starting my dissertation.  But here I am, ready to embark on the final piece of the library studies jigsaw.  I thought the day would never come!

So, now I am indulging in a bit of light reading, trying to get an angle on my chosen topic that I can turn into an interesting piece of research.  My chosen topic?  Well, I have decided to examine the digital divide within the UK.  The digital divide is something that has always interested me, both globally and locally, and I felt that personal interest should be an important consideration when embarking on something that is going to be all-consuming over the coming year.

I’m actually really looking forward to the challenge that this next stage provides.  I hope that at the end of it I am going to be able to produce a piece of work that reflects my own passion and enthusiasm for the topic.  Failing that I hope I produce something that gets a reasonable mark!  I think I have got to the stage now where just having the qualification will be something.  I’ve long got past the idea of proving anything to myself, now I just want to get it under my belt and focus on the many other wonderful things that seem to occupy my time at the moment.  I think I am quite possibly suffering from study fatigue!  Possibly not a good way to embark on a dissertation!

Anyway, expect me to document some of my experiences and thoughts as I work towards completion of my dissertation (alongside my more general observations about libraries from time to time).  Hopefully they prove useful to someone, even if that someone is only me!


2 thoughts on “Two down, dissertation to go…..

  1. Hope the dissertation goes well for you…I finished my Master’s thesis earlier this year and it was a huge weight off my shoulders. It was undoubtedly the busiest time of my life.
    Good luck on your topic!! It sounds like one that should provide a good amount of materials for you to work with.

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