Library ebooks on your mobile…..

Good news for those of you who like reading ebooks on your mobile phone, Overdrive (the predominant supplier of ebooks to public libraries) have just put forward an app to iTunes that would enable users to download ebooks from their library directly onto their iPhone (Android app to come).    This service has been available for a while for audiobooks, but if you wanted to download an ebook you needed to do so at a computer and sync it to your ereader (or read it from the screen of course!).  With the ability to download them direct to your phone I can see real growth in ebook loans from public libraries.  Considering that some library authorities have already issued around 4,000 ebooks in the space of four months (none of which could be read on a mobile device), the addition of the ability to download to a mobile device could really see issues take off.  Exciting times indeed for ebooks in libraries.


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