Gallery Page

I've added a gallery.....oh yes.

I’ve decided to take advantage of WordPress’ ‘Gallery’ function and I have added a gallery of photos lifted from this very blog (yes, this one, the one you are reading right now).  Just recently I have been making more of an effort to add images to the posts that I write, mainly because it makes them look more interesting (and God knows they need all the help they can get sometimes), but also because it helps when sharing them on Facebook.  Without an accompanying image, shared links on Facebook can look a little dull and unappealing.  They are not really going to encourage people to click through and have a read without an ‘interesting’ (I use that word loosely by the way!) image to draw them in.

Whilst the images uploaded are all low-res, they are all also collected together in a set on Flickr and all are licensed as Attribution, Noncommercial.  If you want to use any of these images for your blog, feel free to do so – a link back to the images’ original Flickr page wouldn’t go amiss either!  Anyway, it’s not that I think these images are particularly special, but I do know what a drag it can be to add photos to your blog posts.  At least this way there are a few to choose from that may be of use.


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