Free library books on your iPhone

Free ebooks on your iPhone from your library!

Oh yes, you read that right my friends!  As well as being able to download ebooks for free from your local library, you can now download them directly onto your iPhone or other mobile device.  No syncing, no transferring from your PC, just download Overdrive’s latest application and you can search your library’s catalogue for ebooks and download them directly to your phone via the app.  Up until now you were only able to do this with e-audiobooks from the library catalogue, the addition of ebooks is a real bonus for those who want free ebooks to read on the go (particularly good for commuters).

There is an added bonus too.  If you own a reader device compatible with library ebooks (the Sony Reader for example), by downloading from the library you can have a copy on your phone and on your reader.  Although the two won’t sync like Amazon’s ebooks, at least you will be able to keep a copy with you for the odd dip in and out, and a copy on your reading device for a more prolonged read (I still don’t like smartphones for prolonged reading I’m afraid!).

If your library service provides ebooks via the Overdrive service then you should be able to take advantage of this development, although I don’t think many services are making their users aware of it at the moment.


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