The future of eBooks….


eBooks set to co-exist with print?

There was an interesting publication released today by PricewaterhouseCoopers about the future for eBooks.  The report examined ebook trends across the US, UK, the Netherlands and Germany.  As well as identifying ‘market opportunities’ it also makes recommendations for publishers, traditional retailers and online retailers.  Predominantly the report is concerned with the question of the much predicted ebook breakthrough.


One section of the report stuck out for me more than any other (for personal reasons).  But before I share that, let me remind you of what little known radio bloke wrote at the end of last year:

Much as it pains many people to admit, there won’t be books in 50 years time unless they are novelty items in museums, or like a vinyl single.

Now I’ve got that little nugget of goodness out of the way, the report states:

1.6 Looking to the Future

All experts agree: eBooks and printed books will co-exist. In certain cases, printed editions will be replaced by digital editions, but in other cases both media will complement each other. In the long term, only one representative of the industry expects that demand will dry up for printed books. Most experts believe eBooks will partially replace the paperback. This is probable particularly in the case of special interest and travel books and in areas in which only sections of books are read.

So, the experts say that the print and electronic will co-exist.  Little known radio bloke says they will be gone in 50 years.  Who do we think is going to be right? I know where my money is heading.


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