A Trendy Day

Well. Yesterday something truly wonderful happened. Twitter was filled with library love.  People all over the UK (and, latterly, beyond) sent tweets out expressing how much they value libraries. It was really amazing to see all the different reasons people gave for loving their local library. So many tweets were there, that by around midday, only a couple of short hours after it started, it was a top trending topic in the UK. A fantastic thing to behold. By 3pm it was trending worldwide! Really quite mind-blowing. It all started with a tweet from star library advocate Mardixon on Twitter who simplyasked:

Libraries areimportant because [fill in your answer & RT] #savelibraries 

Mardixon also sent it to us at VftL as an @ reply and we retweeted it and all the subsequent tweets with the #savelibraries hashtag. Before we knew it the tweets were multiplying at a spectacular rate. Tweets from across the UK, from a wide variety of people, came flooding in. Reading the feed as the tweets came in was quite overwhelming. Reminding me once again (as if I needed reminding) of why I got involved in VftL
– perhaps the only library campaign in the UK that truly makes library users an integral part of the campaign. It was an amazing day and thanks to everyone who participated and shared why they think libraries are so important. One word of warning however. If you are
attempting to get a topic trending, be prepared to be exhausted by the end of the day!


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