Processing Stock

Out of interest, what procedures do you follow between the arrival of a book at your library (public only) and putting it on the shelf? Interested to know step-by-step.


3 thoughts on “Processing Stock

  1. I only ‘left’ recently but the public library I was working at, the books arrive from the County’s central Stock Maintenance Unit with the barcodes, date labels, and genre stickers on, and RFID tags as well.
    All we had to do at the library is change the status on Talis to ‘In Stock’, stamp the name of our library on the date label, and set the security to “On”. Then it can go out on the new books displays.

  2. Books are sorted into stock or holds, they are normally labelled with a scrap paper H or S, they are then ‘Received’ onto Vsmart, by scanning the barcode. If there’s a reservation on it, it’ll tell them who it’s for and what library it needs to go to. If it’s for another library the system will ask if they want to send it to that library and they will have to put it in the trugs for the van drivers to pick it up, the system will mark it as ‘in transit’. If it’s for their customer they will then wrap the book with a reservation slip with the customer’s ticket no. and name to go onto the reservations shelf. As it has been received into the library the system will then automatically phone, text or send a letter (according to the customer’s preferences) to say it’s there. If it’s the library’s book, the system will say it’s ‘in the library’ once it’s been in scanned and if they are a RFID library they will need to activate the security and then it can go on the shelf 🙂 The above doesn’t include all the work for circulating stock lists and missing/dead stock lists or looking for holds.

    All the Ordering, allocating, bib checking, cataloguing (marc records etc), adcopying, servicing and tagging is done at HQ where I work.

  3. At Lancashire it is very similar. The books arrive labelled up and with a barcode, and it has a green slip on it to mark it as new stock (orange is a request and yellow is a return). We have to return the green slips back to headquarters.

    Then we scan it in Talis to see whether it has a request on it. Then we write our library code and the month and year on a label inside. Job done.

    Some libraries rubber stamp the top of the date label with whatever they’ve got left in terms of stamps, it’s usually the library name and the phone number.

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