All kinds of good

"Can I interest you in lunch?" Image c/o Regonold on Flickr.

A lot of goodness has been floating around the past couple of days.  It kinda feels weird saying that when you have spent the best part of two days in bed and feeling as rough as a…well, you can guess the rest.  Anyways, like I say, there has been plenty of goodness around.  First up has been the cool news that Lauren Smith, friend, fellow VftL-er (does that even work?) and all round super-campaigner (cheque better be in the post Lauren ;)), has been highlighted as a Library Journal ‘Mover and Shaker of 2011’.  This is fantastic news and is nothing less than she deserves.  From her article in The Guardian through to her local and national campaign work, she has been an inspiration and I am certainly proud to work with her (maybe write out another cheque??).  Ned Potter was also recognised for his awesome work too, something about an Eccles Chamber or something…think it was to do with cake.  Oh no, echo chamber!  Sorry Ned, just kidding 🙂 Oh yes, and do check out Ned’s slideshow here, also awesomely super.  Anyway, congrats to both, it was really very much deserved and it’s well good to see you get the recognition [round of applause].

As well as having some fab news regarding a fellow VftL bod, I have also had some rather good (if completely surprising) news.  An email dropped into my inbox yesterday inviting me out for lunch next week.  “So far, so meh” I hear you cry.  Bizarrely, this offer of lunch didn’t come from an old school friend, an ex-colleague or a distant cousin (which would have been interesting for me, but made for a very dull blog post).  No, this offer came from Private Eye magazine!  Yes, the phrase “WTF?!?” was the first thing that sprang to mind when I read that email.  So much so, I ill-advisedly asked if they had made a mistake.  Turns out they hadn’t, I was genuinely invited to lunch by Private Eye care of the Library News editor on the magazine (I have recently made contact with them and thrown a few library things their way).   I’ve been a pretty regular reader of the magazine for some time so to say that I find this rather cool is a bit of an understatement.  I am pig sick with nerves about it, but I am also very excited and blown away by the invitation. God it feels good writing these words!  Definitely a case of all kinds of good.  [Funnily enough, whilst writing this I was asked what I would like from the menu!  It’s like all real and stuff!].

The trip to London for the lunch could (potentially) be my third trip to London within the space of a couple of weeks.  Later that same week, I am hoping (baby sitting permitting) that I will be attending the big march on the 26th for public services (alongside my fellow VftL-ers with luck).  But I am also due a trip up to London on Thursday to attend a meeting after recently becoming a member of a task group in the M25 Consortium of Academic libraries.  The consortium is:

…a collaborative organisation that works to improve library and information services within the M25 region and more widely across the East and Southeast. The Consortium now has 60 member institutions. Its aim is to provide services and resources for the benefit of learners and researchers.

The Task Groups themselves provide staff training, foster good practice and facilitate the exchange of experience.  The Task Group I have taken up a place on is the Operations Management Task Group which looks at “outsourcing, knowledge management, restructuring (inc. options & theories), operational / manpower planning, strategy, quality.”  I’m very excited about this opportunity to aid my development and gain some new skills and I hope I can make a good contribution to the Group. It will certainly be an interesting challenge and one I am very much looking forward to.

So there.  All kinds of win.  Now if I could just shake off this blinkin’ dodgy chest…


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