My final word on the Rally Against Debt (honest!)

Ok, apologies to those of you on Twitter who have been bombarded with my tweets about the Rally Against Debt.  I promise you wholeheartedly this will be my final word on the matter!

For those of you that don’t know, Saturday saw a rally that was supposed to be a counter-demonstration to the March for the Alternative.  Unsurprisingly, the anti-tax Rally Against Debt (don’t let the title mislead you, they are not opposed to personal debt) only manage a paltry 350 attendees.  Interestingly, it appears that an anti-tax rally has inadvertently underlined the benefits of taxation.

One of the biggest complaints after the event by those that were there, was that they couldn’t compete with the TUC in laying on transport.  Each had to make their own way there individually.  It didn’t occur to the attendees (and why should it, they are anti-tax) that if they had each made a donation to help provide public transport (you know, a bit like a tax) they would have had a much better turn-out (or the TPA could even have provided it with their substantial funds)  And there it is.  The results of low (or zero) taxation encapsulated in one tiny, fringe demonstration.  Make a financial contribution to your society and you succeed.  Leave everyone to their own devices and you fail.  And boy, was it an epic fail.


2 thoughts on “My final word on the Rally Against Debt (honest!)

  1. Brilliant!

    And what a pathetic moan that is anyway, that the TUC and the NUS have funds the Tax-Dodgers’ Alliance doesn’t. The principal reason the TDA didn’t lay on coaches was that it would have looked even more stupid.

    I was on the pro-Palestine rally opposite Downing Street on the same day. I reckon we had more there than the TDA/Ukip rally – and we all made our own way there.

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