Creating a memory box

"Time capsule: going inside" by jek in the box on Flickr

I guess it must be the (potential/future) librarian in me that made me do it.  Ever since my daughter was born last year I have been putting odd items together to create a little memory box (well, not so little, it’s more like a small crate!).  The idea is that we store a number of items for my daughter to look through when she gets older.  The hope is that she finds these items of interest otherwise our efforts would be in vain!  But then, even if she doesn’t, I think we will enjoy looking through it when we get older.

We have gathered a number of items so far, much of which you would expect I guess.  To date the box includes:

  • copies of The Guardian and Private Eye (!) from her date of birth
  • print-outs of all the emails we received when I announced her birth
  • cards received when she was born
  • all of her 1st birthday cards
  • a copy of a photo book I created marking her 1st birthday
  • a copy of the newspaper article on my grandma’s 100th (which was last week!)

I am also planning on shooting a video tour of our current house before we move to our new one in the next few weeks.  As she won’t remember a single thing about our existing house, I thought it would be good to shoot a short tour so she can see where she lived for the first couple of years (well, the tidy version of where she lived anyway!).

Like I said, we are kinda doing this for her as something interesting for her to look at when she gets older (maybe we’ll dig it out when the first boyfriend comes round!) but we also thought it would be nice from a family history perspective.  In these days of electronic data, it is easy to forget about storing something physical.  Sure, it may be interesting to look up the news online for the day she was born, but it’s not the same as having the full newspaper to look at (and given she was born on a Saturday, there is plenty for her to look at!).  And Private Eye isn’t even fully available online (and that is proper news after all!).  Likewise, it’s kinda nice to have the emails printed out rather than hoping that they won’t go mysteriously missing from the saved folder they are currently in.  Besides, surely having a box of treasures to open and look through is more exciting than logging onto a PC and reading through stuff?  Sometimes, just sometimes, the physical beats the electronic.


2 thoughts on “Creating a memory box

  1. I bloody love stuff like this. I’ve got loads of things that I’ve kept over the years and each one tells a little story. My friends think I’m a right weird hoarder sometimes, but when they pick something up and say, what is this? why have you got this old piece of crap? I tell them the story of it and then they get it. I think it’s a wonderful idea for all of you.

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