Spreading the word…

Voices for the Library meets MOO

Do you know what’s one of the best things about being involved in the running of your own organisation/campaign?  It’s being able to just go off and do stuff.  You know, no need to put forward business cases or get permission to do stuff.  You just go and do it.  Well, within reason anyway.  But that’s the thing, you are trusted to go and do the thing without causing any damage.  Well, no long-term damage anyway.  I may be digging myself into a hole here.  How do I get out?  Oh, I know…new paragraph!

So anyway, one of the things I have been mulling over recently is how to spread the word about Voices for the Library.  We’ve kinda done pretty well capturing people online, especially on Twitter.  What we have struggled with is breaking out and reaching the people that aren’t online (remember, there are at least 9 million of them!).  It’s part of the reason that we are at the Hay Festival (thanks to Lauren and her awe-inspiring dedication to the cause) and something we are seriously trying to address.  The wonder of working online is that you don’t really need a budget to succeed.  Working offline is, however, an entirely different kettle of fish.

Just recently, I have started to head to a lot of meetings in London (and I am involved in some upcoming events too…more on these another time though).  Quite often I find myself talking about Voices for the Library without having a handy way to share all of our contact details.  It’s quite cumbersome to start telling people where they can find us, particularly when your Twitter username bears no resemblance to the name of your campaign.  Which is where these lovely cards come in.

A little while back I attended the Canterbury BarCamp and came across some really cool business cards printed by MOO.  I was really impressed as they looked neat, professional and those that had them spoke very highly of them.  So I decided to check them out and they are indeed most excellent.  I went for a relatively simple design (logo on one side and contact details on the other) but you can also print cards in a variety of different designs so that you have a range of styles that you can give out to clients/random people.  All you need do is simply load up one of your images and away you go.  It took me a little fiddling with templates when I created mine but I think that was more to do with the image I was using that the software.

Anyways, I am really chuffed to bits with the finished product and I will be handing them out to all and sundry – so watch out if I catch you at an event!  I’ve ordered around 100 for now (out of my own pocket btw!), but I will definitely order more.  I feel like I’m in that scene in American Psycho.  You know, the one where they compare their business cards.  Well, if I was there, I’d win.  I mean, it’s promoting libraries and stuff.


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