More Moo-type goodness

Felt holder for MOO cards

As you know, a little while ago I ordered some business cards with the Voices for the Library logo and contact information on it, predominantly to try to spread the word in the ‘real’ world.  Having ordered a box of 100, I soon discovered a very slight problem.  As I wanted to carry them around with me all the time for opportune card dispensing activity, I had to cart around the box of 100 they came in.  Sure, not exactly heavy, but it did make a loud clacking noise as I walked down the street.  Bit annoying that.  So I decided to get one of their tasty card holders.  Handily, it’s made of felt so no noise as well as not having to carry the entire collection with me.  Nice.  Oh, and I was also sent a card with a promo code on it so if you decide to design your own cards, give me a shout and I’ll give you the code for free delivery.

Other business card manufacturers are available.  You know, just in case you think I am shilling for them or something.


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