Dissertation progress slows to a halt

Swapping the pen for the paintbrush. Image c/o Markus Rödder on Flickr

I can’t believe that over six months have passed since I first started work on my dissertation.  Six months in and where am I?  Well, my proposal has been accepted.  That’s a good thing.  I’ve done a fair bit of reading.  That is also a good thing.  I think I am pretty much where I expected to be on my schedule.  This is, again, a good thing.  I’m not yet sure exactly how I am going to gather my data.  This is most definitely not a good thing.  I’m sure I’m not a million miles away from where I think I should be, but at the moment it seems a lifetime away.  My progress has also been hampered by other recent developments.

In the next week or so we plan to move house.  I say plan.  We will be moving unless anything really drastic goes wrong.  This means, of course, that most of time is going to be spent packing, decorating and, er, unpacking.  I am rather hoping I only lose a couple of weeks out of it.  I have already started on the painting and once that is done it is just a case of shifting our stuff (easier said than done).  There are bound to be teething problems, but hopefully nothing so major it will seriously impact on my studies.  However, once we are in things should take a turn for the better.

Before my daughter was born I had a room all of my own for studying.  It is no coincidence that when I did have a room of my own I got an awful lot of studying done.  The birth of my daughter coincided with a massive drop in study time.  Not really a bad thing of course, but nonetheless it had an impact.  Our new house, however, has an extra bedroom which means at last I will once more have a quiet little space in the house just for me!  And then, hopefully, I will once more pick up the pace and get my dissertation completed in no time.  That’s the plan anyway.  What’s the betting something else crops up in the meantime and knocks back my schedule still further?  I’d say 3-1 on.


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