Going unplugged

Disconnected. Image c/o The Hamster Factor on Flickr

Yep, the big house move is just a week away now…from now until next Friday there will be a steady rise in my stress levels.  Luckily for you, dear reader, you will probably not bear witness to this very public breakdown.  Sadly for me (but wonderful for you), I will probably not be online for very much for at least a week.  This is mainly because I am going to be far too busy shifting my junk around to have the time to sit down and blog/tweet/facebook/(Google+??!).  It’s also because, unfortunately, when I will have the time to sit down I probably won’t be able to do anything anyway.  Where I live we have no 3G connection and I have discovered it will take ten days (yes, TEN) to get our broadband re-connected.  So if I don’t respond to tweets/blog comments etc, I am not ignoring you, I’m just not able to respond.  Basically, if you don’t see any sign of me I haven’t disappeared, just disconnected.  It’s gonna be weird.  How will I cope without an internet connection?  My guess? Badly.


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