A life switched off (well, two weeks anyway)

Switched off. Image c/o sevestjude on Flickr

Ok, it has only been a few days but being without internet access really does suck.  It is quite unbelievable that in this day and age it can take so long to get re-connected after moving house.  Apparently, once my phoneline is reconnected, it will take around 10 days to have my internet connection back up and running.  My only connection, therefore, will be whilst I am at work.  Not ideal but at least it is better than nothing.

It is amazing how much you miss though during such a prolonged period of outage.  Ok, it is not like I am without food or water, and this is very much a first world problem nothing dramatic or arduous, but it is weird nonetheless.  And to think, nine million people out there have never even used the internet.  Nine million.  Imagine where those nine million people would be without their local public library to support them (yep, I always like to slip that one in!).

Anyway, hopefully I will be back up soon.  Surely things won’t have changed that much in the meantime…


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