Voices for the Library – a call for articles!

Voices for the Library

Hey you!  Yes you!  Are you a librarian, library worker or library user??  Think that there is too much negative coverage of libraries or the people who work in them?  Do you find the continual focus on closures and cuts depressing?  Think librarians and library workers are undervalued?  Want the opportunity to share the fantastic, wonderful, life-changing things that libraries and librarians offer?  Fed up with a long list of questions that are a frankly desperate attempt to build to something spectacular?

Ok, that’s enough of that!  I have noticed on Twitter and on blogs over the past few weeks (probably months to be fair) that a lot of people have commented on both the need to demonstrate why librarians are important and the somewhat defensive tone to some of the library campaigning messages out there.  Well, there is a place you can address this if you wish.  Simply get in touch with Voices for the Library and share either positive stories about libraries or the role of librarians.  Lots of people read it (including lots of people in the media), so it is well worth doing so.  Of course, it won’t change things overnight, but it might help a little bit.  And if nothing else, it will be nice to share some positive stuff to balance out all the bad news stories out there at the moment.  And we’re all for some positivity!


One thought on “Voices for the Library – a call for articles!

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