Belchite – a village preserved

Over the past few years I have developed a fascination with the Spanish Civil War, in part due to marrying a Spaniard and also due to my background studying history at university.  I am currently reading Guerra by Jason Webster – a fascinating look at present day and Civil War era Spain.  I have read a number of books on the period and had a number of discussions with Spaniards about the events before, during and after the Civil War – all of which have been both fascinating and disturbing.  However, it wasn’t until reading Webster’s work that I came across the story of Belchite.  Subsequent to the Battle of Belchite, the village has remained untouched, acting as a memorial to the Civil War.  I have obviously never been and I am not sure I would want to.  The images of the town suggest it would be nothing less than an eery and humbling experience.

All images by calafellvalo on Flickr and used under a CC license.


2 thoughts on “Belchite – a village preserved

  1. Impressive pictures! I have never been to Belchite myself either but I have visited other SCW sites and there is definetely like a black cloud hovering over them. Belchite has also become popular in the recent years for EVP practitioners and thrill seekers. About two years ago, my brother and a group of friends set off to spend a night there but had to leave after about 20 minutes because it just felt too dense. I agree with you on your perception of what this war was. All wars are gloomy but in my opinion the SCW was particularly ferocious and nasty.

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