Happy Bloggy Birthday

Have a Stormin' birthday, library blog type thing. (Image c/o Stefan on Flickr)

Normally I don’t mark my blog’s birthday, but I have been in a reflective mood of late so I thought I’d post one for a change.  Certainly when it dawned on me that it has now been three years since I started this blog and loads has happened in that time, much of which would never have happened without my little corner of the interweb.  It’s also a bit of a watermark as my previous blog lasted about three years before I abandoned it (it’s still there, I’m just not saying where).  So, will this blog make it to four years and outlast its predecessor?  I’m not sure.  I have ideas of what I want to do in the blogging world once I have finished my course.  Maybe there will be a space for librarianship, maybe there won’t.  I have many other passions that I feel I have neglected of late, maybe I should give them the attention I feel they deserve.  Or maybe a blog isn’t a place for me to explore those passions anymore.  Who knows?

Anyway, like I said, a lot has happened in the three years since I launched this blog.  I successfully submitted an article to The Guardian‘s website and was chuffed by the response I received (even making it on an ALA newsletter for God’s sake!).  I have had lunch with national newspaper columnists, politicians and the head of news at a national broadcaster (all at the same time!) due to the advocacy work I am involved in.  And, of course, I collaborated with others to launch the first dedicated library advocacy organisation in the UK (which just so happens to be approaching its first birthday).  It has been pretty amazing really and none of these things would have happened without this blog so thank you library blog type thing, you’ve been a star.

Enough words, here is my blog in numbers…

This blog in numbers c/o Wordle

205 posts
55522 total visits
1146 busiest day (May 28th, 2010)
5727 most visited post
4403 second most visited post
491 tags
13795 total visits in busiest month (May 2010)
33 categories
442 Technorati authority
4915 Technorati ranking (out of 1276770)
14415 spam comments
2361 views via Twitter (most common referrer)
16671 views using the search term ‘ipad’
12 subscribers via WordPress*

(All correct at time of writing!)

* As Ned has kindly pointed out, I kinda overlooked Google Reader here.  At present there are 157 subscribers via Reader…which was very surprising but pleasing 🙂


7 thoughts on “Happy Bloggy Birthday

  1. Happy birthday!

    Subscribers 12, though? You’ve got way more than that just in Google Reader – surely a misprint? (You’re a true Guardian journalist now.. 🙂 )

    • Cheers Ned.

      That’s a good point! In fact, the 12 refers to subscribers via email/Wordpress, didn’t think to look at Google Reader…*checks*…blimey, 157 subscribers?! That’s not too shabby 🙂

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