This blog

This blog was established for three reasons.  Firstly, I wanted to explore what potential the internet has to develop the library service (particularly in terms of public libraries – although not exclusively).  It seems to me that there are a great many tools out there for the information professional to improve service delivery, the question is how do we use the tools effectively.

Secondly, I have developed a particular interest in the information divide and how librarians can help to bridge the divide.  Increasingly, I see our role as ensuring that the gap between the information rich and the information poor is bridged, ensuring information for all.

Finally, I set this blog up as a way to consolidate my studies on Information and Library Studies at Aberystwyth.  I hope to use this as a forum for discussing ideas generated by the course, as well as giving me a chance to let off some of the steam that comes with being a distance learner.

If you want to drop me a line, my details are on the ‘Contact’ tab, and should you have other social networking profiles, feel free to get in touch through the relevant links (see ‘Also on…’).


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