Create an iPhone icon


Ok, it's not as cool as this, but still. (image c/o JD Hancock on Flickr)

You know that when you add a website to the home screen on the iPhone and you get one of those nifty little icons?  Ever wondered how to create one?  Turns out it is dead simple.  Hey, if I can do it anyone can!  It only takes a few steps and, having created one myself, they do look rather nifty.  So, here’s what you do :

1) Create a 45×45 pixel PNG (my version of Photoshop doesn’t allow the creation of a PNG file so I saved it as a BMP, opened it in Paint and then saved it as a PNG file).

2) Save the file using the filename apple-touch-icon.png.

3) Drop the file in the root directory of your website.

That’s it done.  Now if you go to your site, add it to your home screen your icon should magically appear on your iPhone. Easy!

Oh, I’m not sharing mine yet as it is all part of my secret project 🙂